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I use Newspaper Archive almost daily in my work. Recently i have noticed that every newspaper "hit" i get has the date of the 9th of the month on the hit line, no matter what the date on the newspaper might be.

The year is right, and the month, too. but never the date.

This slows me down a lot as i am frequently focusing on a narrow time frame. I have to click on every hit to ascertain the actual date. This service is worth every penny I pay for it, as I formerly had to order microfilm from a library 900 miles away.

But this sloppy indexing is driving me nuts.

It used to be accurate, perhaps a tech glitch. I've complained directly to them.

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Stayton, Oregon, United States #1211952

Nope! They still have the sloppy indexing.

It's like the site is ran by monkeys high on *** and just party away in Morocco!

Considering the strong push to legalize pot everywhere who knows.

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Imagine if the whole nation is ran by Newspaper Archives.com standards.


We wouldn't have one. It will either fall apart infrastructure wise with mass power outages/civil unrest everywhere and/or get invaded by foreign enemies who see the USA as a weak spot.

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