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how do i contact you


I have been unable to locate articles by Jim McKee in the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper.I have found some articles about my ancestors, but not the hundreds of articles written by Mr.

McKee. The archivist at the LJS has been unable to help me. I need to talk to a live human being.

Please call me at 386-228-2036 at around 9:00 Eastern Time or else give me a number by which I can call you.


Bruce F.Pauley

Professor of History


reactiviting account

First, I don't know if you realize this but you don't make reactivating accounts easy.I know when a person charges it to the charge card you are told to wait so a person won't end up with multiple charges.

However, when I tried to reactivate it kept making me wait until I restarted my computer.

I would like to try again but I don't want to be charged twice.I need to know that my charge didn't go through so I can try again.


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